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Raise Your Voice: Duke Lewis, Envision Science Academy

Duke Lewis

Alumnus, Envision Science Academy

Rising Junior in Chemical Engineering at North Carolina State University


 Why do you support charter schools?

Charter schools have my support due to my personal experience. During my upbringing, I struggled to concentrate in classes following the standard state curriculum, which hindered my learning. Enrolling in a charter school, particularly one emphasizing hands-on learning, significantly enhanced my understanding and ignited a passion for learning that continues to drive me today.


What "good news" do charter schools bring to children and families?   

I want to share a recent event that took place at my charter school on April 18th. The school staff organized a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) Night for the students. They welcomed alumni to volunteer at the event and lead engaging activities for the students. I was excited to participate and provide the students with experiences that shaped me during my own youth. These events expose children to various opportunities early on, helping them discover their interests and potential paths for the future.


Who is someone you feel brings out the best in the/your charter community and why?

When I consider someone who truly inspires and uplifts our community at Envision Science Academy, my thoughts are drawn to my mother, Monica Cutno. She played a pivotal role in establishing the school, driven by the desire for my brother and I to receive education tailored to our needs. Alongside others, she dedicated immense effort to launch this institution, driven by the shared goal of providing their children with the quality education they deserved.


Feel free to tell us anything else you would like us to know about your charter school experience, accomplishments and/or advocacy here!

I would not be able to express in words how much my charter school affected my life. It involved my parents dedicating more than just time and effort for their children's benefit. I encountered numerous remarkable individuals during my middle school experience, peers and educators alike. Engaging in hands-on activities assisted me in discovering my passions and reigniting my enthusiasm for learning. Moreover, having a place to which I can always return to offer help and support in ensuring that current students access the valuable opportunities I cherished deeply.

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