As you may know, lawmakers in the General Assembly have filed H 219 Charter School Omnibus.

Other than the original bill authorizing charter schools in 1996, this legislation is the most important bill that charter advocates in our state have ever seen!

 The problem: Local administrators are shortchanging funding for public charter school students.

 The solution: HB 219 would ensure local funding fairness in public education, requiring money to follow the child—whether that child attends a public charter or public district school.



HB 219 Charter School Omnibus                                                                    

Letter to your Legislator                                                                             

HB 219 Talking Points                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Our mission, vision, and focus is on support, education, and advocacy on behalf of North Carolina charter schools.


  •  Hosting a state-wide annual conference which facilitates the largest statewide networking opportunity of North Carolina charter schools and supporting entities.
  • Hosting professional development workshops from which charter school teachers can apply credit towards their continuing education.
  • Facilitating an annual career fair and job board that seeks to recruit top talent in the education industry.
  • Partnering with a diverse set of companies that specialize in products and services customized for charter schools. Discounts are available from a select set of partner organizations to schools that are active members.
  • Offer a members only resource hub. 



  • Advancing awareness of charter schools and their mission.
  • Facilitating opportunities for networking and collaboration among charter schools in North Carolina and across the nation.
  • Keeping members informed by sharing news updates about the charter school movement on the local, state, and national levels.
  • Provide informational webinars that seek to inform charter school professionals, expand their network of contacts, and empower others with the tools and facts they need to effectively promote their school to potential families and/or donors.



  • Supporting legislation to strengthen charter schools in North Carolina. 
  • Lobbying for equitable policy/resources for our state’s charter schools by developing our legislative agenda annually and presenting it before state and local officials.

The Benefits of Membership

NCAPCS membership is open to any charter school, charter school management organization or business that supports charter schools. School membership includes staff, the board of directors, supporting organizations such as facilities or foundations, and charter school parents and alumni. NCAPCS school memberships are among the most cost effective as we offer support, education, and advocacy services.

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