This is a post from the Durham Progressive Democrats on Facebook on March 9, 2022. A post like this contributes to the idea that charter schools are private schools and not part of the public school system. How would you refute this claim? As charter school stakeholders, it is important that we are prepared with the facts when these types of conversations arise, As part of our Mythbusting Series, we will address common charter school myths like this one and provide the truth.

Myth 1: “Charter schools are not public schools. They are unaccountable, private schools that take money away from district schools.”

Truth: As defined by federal and state law, charter schools are public schools that are 100% accountable to the State Board of Education.  They must meet the same standards as district schools, such as being tuition-free and open to all students, nonsectarian and nondiscriminatory, and responsible for meeting state and federal academic standards. When they don’t perform academically or have operational or financial issues, charter schools face the most serious consequence: closure.

Charter school students are typically funded at $0.73/dollar compared to district school students.  Charter schools receive no capital funding for buildings or buses.

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