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KLR Partners is offering editing and coaching services to NCAPCS members for the Educational Workforce Innovation Fund Grant (EWIF). This grant will be released September 1, 2022 and will be due October 31, 2022. The grant seeks to identify successful innovative programs that will lead to more students graduating career and college ready, and it focuses on five core areas:
  1. Align public schools with business and industry and colleges/universities.
  2. Provide greater choice for parents/guardians among high quality education options.
  3.  Enhance teacher and principal effectiveness.
  4. Ensure all students possess job-ready skills.
  5. Leverage technology to drive both student and teacher learning.
If you are interested in pursuing this grant but don't have the time to complete it, consider partnering with KLR PartnersKaty Ridnouer, a certified grant writer and veteran educator, will work with you and your team to develop a complete, compliant, and compelling application. This would include upto five (5) hours of strategic planning, advising, editing, and revising. The cost is $875.
Contact Katy at [email protected] to discuss a potential partnership for this or other grant opportunities. She's helped schools win over $19M in grant awards, and she can help you too!
Katy Ridnouer, MEd, GPC
Author, Certified Grant Writer, Virtual Assistant Principal, and School Start-Up Specialist  
With the right partner, anything is possible. 
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