Catalyze Challenge

The Catalyze Challenge

We are excited to announce that the Catalyze Challenge is returning for a second round of grant funding. Mark your calendars! Applications for 2022-23 school year grants close on March 6.


The Catalyze Challenge is a grant competition offering awards of $50k-$500k for programs and ideas focused on career-connected learning, specifically around the development of career identity and planning among middle and high school students; and pathways between high school and postsecondary education and career training.


The challenge is designed to support schools, CMOs, districts, 501c3 programs, and others by funding student-facing models that equip learners with skills and opportunities to access lifelong career success and economic opportunity. While the Challenge seeks models that apply broadly across student bodies, models that are specifically designed around the needs of learners from historically underrepresented groups are prioritized. 


The two types of awards include: 

  • Accelerate up to $500k - for programs that are ready to pilot and/or currently serve students 

  • Ignite up to $50k - for programs that are in design, research, community engagement, etc (i.e. pre-implementation). 


Any tax-exempt organization can apply for either award, and for-profits can apply for the Ignite award. 

Do you know someone with a game-changing solution to better prepare students for career success?Help us source the next great idea by spreading the word about this opportunity throughout your networks! The more diverse perspectives we invite, the greater the impact we can achieve for the students of tomorrow. 


Check out for more information! You can sign up for the Catalyze Challenge mailing list to receive helpful resources and stay up to date on all things Catalyze


The Catalyze Challenge
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