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Raise Your Voice: Heather Craven, Chatham Charter

Heather Craven

Parent and PTSA Secretary

Chatham Charter School


 Why do you support charter schools?

My family and I support charter schools because class sizes are often small and charter schools often have rigorous curriculums. Charter schools also often provide areas of focus that are not always found in other public school settings such as the arts, foreign languages, and STEM. My daughter participated in Archery Club this year, which is a unique and popular offering at our school.


What "good news" do charter schools bring to children and families?   

Due to small class sizes, our school community often feels more like a family; one that my family and I are grateful to be a part of. As a parent, I love knowing all or most of the staff and love that the staff and many students know me and my children as well. Even high school students greet my 1st grader each day as they pass each other on the sidewalk. It gives me great comfort knowing that I am sending them to their second family each day when they go to school.


Who is someone you feel brings out the best in the/your charter community and why?

Mrs. Etta Foushee, Elementary Administrator at Chatham Charter School, brings out the best in our charter community. Mrs. Foushee will retire at the end of this school year with over 50 years in education. She greets each child with a "hello" and smiling face as they enter the Elementary building every morning. I have heard her comment in the past that this is her favorite part of the day and how she will miss greeting her students next year. Her years of dedication and service to the students and families at Chatham Charter School and Chatham County have forever impacted those who have had the pleasure and blessing of being one of her students or colleagues. She is fair, kind, supportive, and passionate about the students and staff at Chatham Charter School. She is truly one in a million!

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