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Raise Your Voice: Fatih Sahin, TMSA

Fatih Sahin

Marketing Coordinator

TMSA Public Charter Schools


 Why do you support charter schools?

Charter Schools contribute significantly to the ever-growing need for quality education in our country. They are just like any other public school but perhaps better in providing top-notch education, excellence in student academics and overall student development. Charter schools often have more flexibility in their curriculum and teaching methods, allowing them to tailor their approach to the needs of individual students. This adaptability fosters innovation and experimentation, leading to educational practices that can be more effective than traditional methods. Additionally, charter schools promote competition in the education sector, incentivizing all schools to improve their offerings to attract students and resources. By supporting charter schools, we are not only expanding educational options for families but also pushing the boundaries of what is possible in delivering high-quality education for all students.


What "good news" do charter schools bring to children and families?   

TMSA Public Charter Schools in NC, like many other charter schools, bring several pieces of "good news" to children and families. Firstly, they offer a unique educational approach tailored to the needs of their students, often emphasizing innovative teaching methods and specialized curricula. This can lead to enhanced academic outcomes and a more engaging learning experience for students. Additionally, charter schools like TMSA often provide families with greater choice in education, allowing them to select a school that aligns with their values, preferences, and their child's learning style. This empowerment can lead to increased parental involvement and satisfaction with their child's education. Here are some of our recent achievements: 10 of our Model UN members competed in the prestigious state level Model UN Conference (MUNCH) hosted by Chapel Hill. TMSA as a school won Outstanding Delegation in the category medium (8-19) members. In addition 6 of our participants won awards. They are as follows: Arvindh Krishna -11th grade - BEST DELEGATE AWARD - SWEDEN Trente Newman -10th grade - OUTSTANDING DELEGATE - BARBADOS J P Szeto -11th grade - OUTSTANDING DELEGATE - BARBADOS Arman Azhar -11th grade - HONORABLE MENTION -MIRIAM FIROUZ Shanvitha Reddy Vendoti - 11th grade - HONORABLE MENTION -MALAWI Sakshika Mallaypalli - 11th grade - HONORABLE MENTION -MALAWI TMSA also participated in NC SciOly Durham Regionals on 24 Feb 2024, Saturday and our students achieved great success. There were 3 science olympiad teams that participated in the tournament - Varsity, JV1, JV2 The Varsity Team won the 1st Place and JV1 Team won the 5th Place. The Varsity Team has won the most 1st place finishes. The Varsity Team finished in the top 10 in every event (No other team has this statistic). The Varsity Team has qualified for the state tournament. TMSA Triangle DECA competed with over 5,000 high school students at the NC DECA state-wide competition on 2/29-3/2. Our 107 members competed in various marketing education and entrepreneurship related events. Our chapter earned a 98% Proficiency rating. 33 students placed as Top 10 Finalists in the State, and a total of 29 students will be representing TMSA Triangle in competition at the International Career Development Conference (ICDC) in Anaheim, California on April 26 - May 1. An additional 6 students qualified to attend DECA’s “Emerging Leaders Academy” at ICDC. Even though TMSA DECA comprises only 2% of the total competitors, we were able to secure 11% of the ICDC qualifying spots. 5th grader, Aashritha Karthik Kamu from Triangle Math and Science Academy competed in State level Science and Engineering fair for elementary division which has 5 categories: Biological Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics and English and Technology. Aashritha won 1st prize for one special award which is given by NC One Water (formerly known as NC AWWA-WEA, and is a volunteer association operating jointly under one board of trustees as a section of the American Water Works Association and a member association of the water environment federation). She also won a special award given by North Carolina Center for Afterschool Program (NCCAP) for "Creative solutions in STEM." TMSA Cary student Diana Zavadskaia competed at the NC State Fair under Junior Division and won second place in the technology division. Her project focuses on artificial hearts. The project shows the process of designing and actual 3D printing of an original artificial heart, as well as an experiment that puts the invention to test. She became interested in this topic right when they started the anatomy unit dedicated to hearts in school. Since then, she has been studying independently and began focusing on artificial hearts. This was her first year of competition above the school level.


Who is someone you feel brings out the best in the/your charter community and why?

I would like to put Mr. Fatih Kandil, our TMSA Triad Main Campus Principal in the spotlight here. He has extensive educational background and years of experience in charter school education throughout the US. He has elevated Triad's success to a whole new level and working hard everyday to take it further. His dedication and motivation is unparalleled. He values education and student success so highly that he carefully weaves all available patterns for them to succeed. This is evident in his enthusiasm and determination by bringing Triad's rating from F to C in just a mere 2 years! I congratulate Mr. Kandil as an educator and a colleague and wish him many more successes in the future.

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