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Raise Your Voice: Lorenzo Jones, TMSA

Lorenzo Jones

Alumnus, TMSA Greensboro

Data Center Network Operations Technician @ Google


 Why do you support charter schools?

I support charter schools because I believe in the importance of choice and flexibility in education. Charter schools offer parents and students options outside the traditional public school model, allowing them to find learning environments tailored to specific needs or interests. The freedom charter schools have to innovate with teaching methods and curriculum can lead to exciting breakthroughs and better outcomes for students. Additionally, I believe the presence of charter schools fosters a healthy competition that pushes all schools to improve, and they provide parents with a greater voice in their child's education.


What "good news" do charter schools bring to children and families? 

Charter schools herald a transformative era for education, promising children and families not just a choice, but a voice. They stand as vibrant communities where every student's potential is recognized and nurtured, and where education transcends the one-size-fits-all model. The presence of charter schools amplifies the collective call for excellence, inclusivity, and innovation in education, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive in a setting that celebrates their individuality and prepares them for a bright future.


Who is someone you feel brings out the best in the/your charter community and why?

Fatih Kandil, serving as the principal at Triad Math and Science Academy in Greensboro, plays a significant role in fostering an environment that brings out the best in the charter community. His leadership is highlighted by the achievements and initiatives under his tenure, which contribute to a positive and impactful educational setting. One notable example of the success under Mr. Kandil's leadership is the story of Aghader Yassen, a student who received a full-ride scholarship to Harvard University, marking a historic first for the TMSA school network. This achievement not only showcases the academic excellence promoted at TMSA but also reflects Mr. Kandil's commitment to college preparation and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education. Yassen's accomplishment, supported by the school's faculty and leadership, serves as a beacon of inspiration for all students, demonstrating the potential for exceptional achievements within the TMSA community. Moreover, Mr. Kandil's approach to education emphasizes creating opportunities for students to excel and encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones, as evident in the school's support for Yassen's journey. This philosophy aligns with fostering a nurturing environment where students are motivated to pursue their ambitions and reach their full potential, further illustrating why Mr. Kandil is seen as someone who brings out the best in the charter community. His influence extends beyond individual achievements, contributing to a broader culture of excellence and aspiration within the school. Under his leadership, TMSA has become a place where students are not only prepared academically for the future but are also encouraged to achieve their highest aspirations, making Mr. Kandil a pivotal figure in the charter school community of Greensboro.


Feel free to tell us anything else you would like us to know about your charter school experience, accomplishments and/or advocacy here!

My biggest accomplishment since graduating from TMSA has been the opportunity to join Google. While I'm still early in my career, this is a significant stepping stone towards achieving my goals!

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