US House of Representatives
General Election 2022

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District Democrat Republican Other Party

(i) = incumbent
Names without a link mean that we did not receive a completed questionnaire from that candidate. 

District 1 Donald Davis Sandy Smith Eshan Patel
District 2 Deborah Ross (i) Christine Villaverde  
District 3 Barbara Gaskins Gregory Murphy (i)  
District 4 Valerie Foushee Courtney Geels   
District 5 Kyle Parrish Virginia Foxx (i)  
District 6 Kathy Manning (i) Christian Castelli

Thomas Watercott
Libertarian Party

District 7 Charles Graham David Rouzer (i)  
District 8 Scott Huffman Dan Bishop (i)  
District 9 Ben Clark Richard Hudson (i)  
District 10 Pamela Genant Patrick T. McHenry (i)  
District 11 Jasmine Beach-Ferrara Chuck Edwards David Coatney
Libertarian Party
District 12 Alma Adams (i) Tyler Lee  
District 13 Wiley Nickel Bo Hines  
District 14 Jeff Jackson Pat Harrigan